Welcome to my manual medicine practice

Dr. Rebne treating newborn

The practice of manual medicine can be defined as the use of the hands in the science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease or damage to the body. It works directly to help the body recover and heal itself naturally. My healthcare practice is based on my belief that the primary method of sustainable healthcare is nurturance: good maintenance through nutrition, exercise, and manual medicine. This gentle approach to therapy is well

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suited for people of all age groups. It is respectful of each individual's unique makeup, and where they are in their health process.

Treatments for all ages

One goal of my practice is to assist people in moving from patterns of pain and disease toward new patterns of comfort and ease. I see my work as a way to assist people to move through their lives with as much joy as possible. It is not so much about a manipulation of the body or how they feel when they get off the table. It is about how the treatment feels as they continue to live their lives.